About Australia Moving

About Australia Moving Directory

Australia Moving is Australia’s only online solar-power hosted moving directory in Australia targeting the growing market of over 130,000 people who immigrate to Australia every year.

Why use Australia Moving (AMD)

Anyone who has tried to find information about moving or investing in Australia is aware of the often painstaking and stressful process this can be. Often being required to go from one website to another to find out relevant information, potentially many visits to Australia by the moving families to try and access this information ensued – which is a very costly and inconvenient exercise. This site streamlines the otherwise stressful process of searching for necessary contacts, local information and available expertise and eases the major difficulties of relocation.

Origins of AMD

Originally developed by an established relocation company on the Gold Coast in 2003, this service was created out of demand by people researching and moving to Australia from overseas. It provides a FREE online resource to companies, investors, students and families looking for quality businesses in one easy place.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the No.1 Online Resource for Individuals and Businesses moving to Australia.

Business Profile

In 1998 founder Lynne Goddard, founded ‘Getting to Know Pty Ltd’ a Welcome and Information program for newcomers moving to Queensland. Later, in association with two other partners, ‘New World Relocation Pty Ltd’ was founded to assist businesses in the relocation of families moving within or to Australia. More recently Publishing Services Australia ( together with David Woodier, Executive Director, took over ownership and running of the directory in order to use it’s already established network of business and transport magazines and online presence to promote and expand the website in Australia and overseas. Australia Moving is now hosted by one of Australia’s only solar power ISP sites which means we’re always online and the directory has become even better known by the moving public.

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